What do patients have to say?

“I’ve been a patient at New Gen since I was 13 years old. They introduced us to the clinic when I was in middle school at Everett Middle School. The outreach program helped me beyond words with protecting myself sexually. Once I really started having sex, the staff became like family. They were there through STDs, break-ups, and even were an open ear when I needed. This clinic is a family to a lot of women and gentlemen who have no one else to turn to. It would be like losing a loved one to lose the clinic and even the patients are like family. We all have been here for years. We met here, bonded here, and will always remember New Gen as the place where our family started.”
 “Please don’t go! New Generation to me is years of secrets with your best friend.  It’s talks and words of encouragement without judgment. It’s radiant smiles greeting me, a world without attitude. A safe haven. It’s knowing you have someone who always has your best in mind. 
It’s not money—it’s people’s real lives and health on the line! Do NOT close this place!!! Not a good idea!”
“No other clinic provides the comfort and feel that NGHC gives. I have tried other clinics and they all had me feel as if I was just a number not even a person. All the staff is very informative and knowledgeable. I definitely would have to say they show great concern, not just in my sexual health, but my overall health all together. I always recommend this place to everyone I know without hesitation. New Generation is one place that offers an ear and great advice. I will be heartbroken to see this place go.”
“Stay open! It’s going to suck having to find a new place to trust. Many high school students in SF only know about New Gen and trust it more than Planned Parenthood.”
“New Generation is one of those small treasures that you don’t come across very often, if at all. Being a young woman without health insurance and proper access to reproductive health care can be really scary. Yet I feel so lucky to have been referred to New Generation. The environment is safe, friendly and all inclusive, and it would be a shame to have let all this go."